The Activity Exchange is now Evidation Health

In order to accelerate progress towards a digital health enabled future, we've joined forces with GE Ventures and Stanford Healthcare to form Evidation Health. Read more about the change below.

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Director of Engineering

Required Skills:
  • Ruby/Rails expert, particularly with JRuby/Puma and high-concurrency network driven systems
  • Java expert, particularly with scalable event driven systems
  • Experience with MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Redis and Memcached

Familiar with:
  • Heroku, AWS, and capable of setting up VPCs and virtual machines
  • Github, continuous deployment, and an agile framework
  • RabbitMQ and event queues
  • OAUTH, PUSH Servers (iOS and Android), and PubSub architectures
  • DNS configuration, network routes, Google Apps, SMTP, etc...


Required Skills:
  • Linux administration (network configuration, DNS, VPC)
  • Databases experience (SQL)
  • Scripting language (bash, python, perl, ruby)

Familiar with:
  • Cloud (AWS)
  • NoSQL datastores : hbase/mongodb
  • Hadoop and other big data tools
  • Cluster management (cloudera, etc)

Web Engineer

Required Skills:
  • A degree in Computer Science/related field or equivalent work experience
  • Solid experience creating web applications using Javascript and Node
  • Familiarity with Angular and/or other client-side Javascript
  • Strong comfortability with Git
  • Familiarity with SQL
  • Experience consuming and/or creating REST APIs
  • Eye for pixel-perfect design (when something looks a bit off, you can tell)

Nice to have:
  • Some experience with mobile application development or eagerness to learn
  • Familiarity with Ruby on Rails
  • Polyglot, constantly learning new languages/technologies