The Activity Exchange is now Evidation Health

In order to accelerate progress towards a digital health enabled future, we've joined forces with GE Ventures and Stanford Healthcare to form Evidation Health. Read more about the change below.

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Your connection to the digital health ecosystem

Consumers are generating mountains of health data across the entire digital and mobile health ecosystems. There are two major roadblocks to accessing this profusion of data: figuring out how to allocate resources to the right applications, sensors and digital health interventions that are valuable and cleaning up the noisy, disorganized flow of unstructured data to generate actionable insights.

Flow is a trusted gateway to the digital health ecosystem that enables access to clean, intelligent and standardized data from the health applications, sensors and digital solutions your members are already using. Stop following the life-cycle of a single solution and start tracking the life cycle of each person.

Components of flow


Instantly access dozens of applications, digital solutions and sensors and integrate your existing properties


Drive sign-up rates more than twenty-times higher than existing solutions

Connection Management

Pull and push data from outside sources with a system that optimizes for efficiency and respects rules and restrictions while maximizing insights

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