The Activity Exchange is now Evidation Health

In order to accelerate progress towards a digital health enabled future, we've joined forces with GE Ventures and Stanford Healthcare to form Evidation Health. Read more about the change below.

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For Pharma

You sense that patients need ongoing support to manage chronic conditions and that providing services in conjunction with medication as a bundled experience is one way to differentiate. The Activity Exchange allows you to engage with patients by integrating with their favorite applications and services and communicate intelligently with the right content. With minimal investment, you can develop a complete, connected environment that maximizes the value you provide to patients, keeping them engaged and improving their outcomes.

For Payers and Plan Administrators

Your connection to the digital health ecosystem. Connect to the most popular applications, sensors and digital interventions. Achieve record-breaking sign-up rates with our unique approach.

For Providers

You want patients to actively participate in their care plans, manage their conditions independently and make the appropriate lifestyle changes to improve outcomes. The Activity Exchange is your gateway to the patient. It allows them freedom to choose their favorite applications, while giving you the tools to effectively communicate with them in the format they prefer, with the information they need, at the time that makes the most sense. Our adaptive learning engine takes care of engagement optimization, enabling the care team to focus on experimenting with content and intervention strategies.

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