The Activity Exchange is now Evidation Health

In order to accelerate progress towards a digital health enabled future, we've joined forces with GE Ventures and Stanford Healthcare to form Evidation Health. Read more about the change below.

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Meaningful Scalable Engagement

The Activity Exchange sits at the intersection of behavioral science and human-centered design. Capitalize on your opportunities for influence through our experimentation and deployment engine.

What we do

The Problem

Healthcare today is an arm's length transaction. Doctor's visits are infrequent and short. Communication with insurance companies are limited to claims disagreements. Medication labels are forgotten or ignored.

The Diagnosis

In order to promote better healthcare, this model must change. Payers, providers and pharmaceutical companies must gain a better understanding of their members and patients.

The Solution

The Activity Exchange is the connective tissue between healthcare companies and their populations to build and manage relationships to improve outcomes. Give people freedom of choice to select the best tools to manage their health.

Our Partners

Building the future of patient engagement takes the help of some friends.